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Welcome to... 

 The CEO Reset 

 The 12 week, 1:1 enriching wellness programme for female entrepreneurs. 

You know, I know, we all know that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that prioritise their health and wellbeing.

 But what about you? 


  • You’re making great money, but you’re sacrificing your downtime to do it.

  • Your sales targets are always achieved, but your burn out limit is in the red.

  • You’ve got your biz strategy on lock, but your self care strategy? It needs an intervention.


Here’s the thing - what’s the point in having millions in the bank if you’ve got nothing left in the tank?

It's time to be rich and enriched!

12 weeks with me is what you need to get you there!

Frankie Jones Vagus Nerve Specialist

Hey! I'm Frankie!

Wife, mummy and holistic health and wellness coach.

My day to day is supporting scaling entrepreneurs away from burnout and into sustainable self-care strategies that keep your money-maker shakin’ and stops your motivation from flakin’!

I see pre-burnout every day. I see women who’ve hustled so hard they’re health is hanging on by a thread. I work with entrepreneurs whose mindset is in meltdown.

Using nutrition, supplements, self-care and dedicated detoxing, I work to remove the recurring niggles that are holding you back in both life and business - so you can make sales, support yourself and have the energy to truly do it all.


 "I'm much more mindful of my wellbeing, what fills up my cup and having experienced severe burnout, Frankie's support and methods help me to monitor and protect myself from ever reaching that point again  I would encourage anyone, especially entrepreneurs to take Frankie's programme, it will change your perspective, your health, your wellbeing and your life."

Rhiannon- CEO of Garnet PR

You’re in the right place if…

  • You can’t remember the last time you had a full night’s sleep.

  • You’re so used to being stressed, you don’t even see the symptoms anymore.

  • Your digestive system behaves like a petulant toddler!

  • Your once glowing skin is looking a little more on the ‘in need of TLC’ side.

  • You have no attachment to achieving your goals, it’s always thank you, next!

  • You never feel like you have enough energy, until you hit the ‘latte’ button

My Beautiful, you got so busy making a living - you forgot to make a life.

The 1:1 Mindbody De tox

12 weeks of 1:1 support to take you from hustling and haggard to rich and enriched!


  • An abundance of sustainable energy

  • A better connection and appreciation for your body

  • Improved appearance and mindset

Is it magic?

It is rather magical.. and powerful!



8x 1:1 Calls

We spend an hour together, enabling us to tailor your programme and protocols around your specific needs. Be held accountable, work through the sh*t and do it all with your own personal mindset and wellness coach by your side.

Charcoal Cleanse

Prepare your gut for the detoxification process by mopping up the toxins induced by poor dietary habits and one too many coffees (and cocktails!)

4 Week Detox Programme

Slowly, and with tonnes of support, I’ll guide you through stripping everything back and rebuilding your body’s internal support system. 

Support Supplements

Probiotics, magnesium and a detox support  shake are the foundations of your new self-care regime. You can’t keep firing on empty, so let’s top up the tank with foundational supplements that set you up for success.

Nutritional Protocols & Advice

Support yourself throughout your detox with specialised advice, step-by-steps and a portal of extra modules to dive into between calls.

Unlimited Voxer Support

Having a down day? Struggling to stick at self-care? Pop me a message and I’ll be on hand to talk you through whatever comes up for you as we go through this transformative process together.

Meal Prep Planner

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! My easy to implement planners mean you’re never left wondering what to eat, even during your detox days!

Self-Care Planner

Like I said, I’m here to hold you accountable to your new way of living. You only come first where there’s a plan to make it happen. Use the self-care planner to slot self-care pockets into your busy week. 

Intolerance Tracker

Struggling to spot what’s causing your bloat? Tummy ache? Headaches? Poor sleep?
The tolerance trackers helps us to deduce what simply isn’t working for you anymore, so can transition out of the picture.

 Your  investment… 

 Pay In Full 


 Payment Plan

3 x £800


Meet Ayse

CEO of Surge Social Uk

Marketing Agency

Your 3 Phase Mindbody Reset

Using my covet, proven method.

Phase 1:

Get ready for your detox, focus on cell renewal and prepare your mind to cut the crap!

Phase 2:

Supported detoxification, realkalisation and trigger removal stage to build a better foundation. 

Phase 3:

Create sustainable habits, set new boundaries and manage your new found energy bank!

Listen up, my sweet buttercup.

What’s the point in having millions in the bank, if you’re feeling overdrawn in life? 

What’s the point in having a business that’s thriving, if you’re barely surviving?
Why have a business strategy if you don’t have a you strategy?

The problem that you know but keep ignoring is that if you go down… so does the business. All of your hard work, scaling and self-sacrifice will be for nothing if you get so burnt out you can’t bring home the bacon!

Your personal growth is as important as your business growth… after all…

More energy = More progress.
More progress = More clients.
More clients = More money.
More money = More time out!

It’s a cycle, lovely, but you’re on the wrong end of it. 

It’s time to hit the big fat reset button.


"I will have doubled my income by the end of the year by working with Frankie, but I actually feel like the personal boundaries I have created along the way are more valuable than any salary. I have better boundaries, a better work/life balance and I have learned how to protect my energy. I feel much more in control.”

Donna- CEO of Locks & Shades



It’s all yours and forever!  It will be like having me in your back pocket, long after our time working together. 


If your energy is on 0 and your health has taken a back seat for way too long… you already know you need to do something about it. Maybe you’ve even invested in your wellbeing before - you’ve done yoga, you do mindset work, your journal. But you’re not getting results.
   This programme is designed to be the highest level of support for the highest achievers. It’s not fluffy, it’s not self-taught and it’s not short-term. This is an investment in the rest of your life!


Because don’t you want the rest of your life to be the best of your life?


I’ve been running my clinic and providing treatments since 2006. In that time I’ve specialised and trained in Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification. I have my own line of self-care products and I work closely with supplement brands that support women specifically. I’ve been coaching on the mind-body connection for years.. And now I’m here to support female entrepreneurs and ambitious women like you. 


Simply hit ‘apply’ and wait for me to get back to you. If needed, we can jump on a discovery call to chat about your specific needs and concerns. Before onboarding you, we do a deep dive into your health picture to ensure all treatments, supplements and protocols are appropriate. Your support shake and supplements will be shipped to you and we can get started! 

“Frankie has elevated me in life and in business.  I feel safe to confide in Frankie and to also trust her advice and guidance.”

Louise- Founder Louise Hunt Therapy 

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