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Introducing you to the

4 Week Mindbody Detox & Reset Programme


Are you ready for abundant  energy, more from your life and career and a whole new relationship with yourself?


A self-paced journey for women who want to prioritise their health, accelerate their results AND step into the most enriched version of themselves

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Frustrated woman

 Is this you?

  • 3pm rolls around and you can’t bear the thought of doing another call or writing another email… So what do you do? You sit on the sofa for a ‘break’ and end up crashing out, leaving the To-Do list to gather dust for yet another day

  •  You simply can’t say "NO". You give and you give without taking even a second to think about what you need at that moment. The moment you do, you realise you’re already on the fast train to burnout​

  •  You binge, you hate on yourself and then you verbalise how you feel. Your bullyish self talk creates a burden you can't shake off and you notice it filters into other areas of your life. 

  •  You value everyone else over you. You over promise, you over deliver and you give waaaay too much of yourself for free - leaving money on the table and a little to no energy left in the bank of you!​

  •  You look at everyone and think that they must be so successful because they simply push harder than you. Instead of taking a step back to recoup and realign with your goals, you push yourself and exhaust yourself harder and harder everyday.

The Mindbody Detox & Reset program is exactly what you need to change your reality!

"Self love is a balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better."

Vex King


Meet Frankie

I'm Frankie!

The go-to Detox and Mindset coach for Female Entrepreneurs.

I help women, just like you, establish the silent side of success that you are quite possibly neglecting, as you focus on climbing the career ladder or scaling your business. 

If you didn’t already know - your health is the real wealth...because without it we have nothing. 

In 2012 I hit a wall and very quickly I knew something (in fact everything) needed to change. I made a commitment to myself that I would NEVER allow toxicity to rule my life again! No toxic relationships, no toxic food dynamics and no more toxic self talk. 


“Sometimes we just have to accept that this is the way life is. We can’t always want more”... I remember when someone said this to me and something inside me changed. I did want more! And I was determined to make more happen.

So where did I start? I dedicated myself to reeducating my mindset, preserving my energy and reinvesting in my own self-worth. I then learnt about the power of detoxing, both internally and externally… and pretty soon my life started to turn around.


Now, I want that for you too....

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frankie jones

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What others say


Maggie- Think Like A Boss 

Everything you put in your body affects the outcomes and the output. 

That includes: food, drink, supplements, the environment around you, the words you hear, the thoughts you think, the media you consume and even the social scrolling you mindlessly absorb.

A mind-body detox allows us to assess, alter and elevate everything that enters our conscious and physical space. 


And believe me when I say that this program is LIFE CHANGING!


Imagine this for a moment…

3pm rolls around and you have an intentional break - you grab a snack, have a cup of tea and relax for 15 minutes, completely guilt free.

Instead of setting yourself up for an evening of berating yourself for hitting the snack cupboard, your abundance of energy means you finish the day feeling vibrant, positive and ready to spend time with your family.

 Your confidence is thriving! You no longer need to seek validation from a client or partner in order to feel successful. 

 You say 'Goodbye Felicia' to the food guilt and start rebuilding an intentionally positive relationship with food. No longer are you looking at your MyFitnessPal to grade yourself on how successful or ‘worthy’ you are of a treat 

How amazing would that feel?!

I have an inkling that this is more likely to be happening right now...

You're in a vicious cycle whereby your mood is influenced by your food choices and your food choices are influenced by your mood. 

You're exhausted running your business in an unsustainable way and on the fast train heading for burnout. 

You’re spending too much time focusing on what other people need from you rather than giving yourself what YOU need.


How do I know this? As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been there...


This has been the driving force behind the creation of the Mindbody Detox & Reset Program!


A lot can happen in 4 weeks. You can be in a completely different place, on a completely different path, embracing a completely new you...

Testimonials screenshot
Testimonials screenshot

What others say

"I found it really enlightening. I've been in diet culture land for so long, it was really great to educate myself in how I can look after my body. I loved the mindset work as well, it really helped me to see how I can bring in some new habits to be more productive and stop procrastinating! "

Lucie, The  Happy Report

Blackberry and Lemon Detox

Inside this program you will receive...


Access to an exclusive group where you will be fully supported throughout the program.


The Detox and Reset nutritional protocol


Example detox meal plan


Alkalising detox support shake


4x Mindset modules


3x Educational sessions


Support videos


Mindset support workshops

Bonus 1

Charcoal cleanse supplements and protocol. 

This will kick start your detox by absorbing any nasty bugs and bacteria in the gut, excess gas and reduce bloating. 

It will also help to replenish 'good bacteria' in the gut and prepare the body for detox. 

Bonus 2

A Mindfulness Meditation

A powerful meditation specifically designed for this program by Amy, a Mindfulness teacher to help you calm your mind and feel in control of what's going on around you. 


Bonus 3

A Detox Pilates Session

The amazing Katie has created a pilates sessions to help you move and guide your body through the detox, leaving you feeling more grounded.

Bonus 4

Mindbody Check in

Learn how to check in with your Mindbody. Notice where and how you're carrying tension and stress in your body with Izzy's Mindbody Check In.


 Let's not  forget  the bonuses... 


You're also going to learn...

  1. How to make more mindful choices and free yourself from guilt.

  2. How to create a healthy relationship not just with food, but with yourself too. 

  3. How stress, lifestyle choices and mindbody disconnect affects weight.

  4. Create powerful new habits to elevate your energy levels.

  5. How to nourish the body on a cellular level. 

  6. Reduce symptoms related to toxicity and improve general and digestive health.

  7. Reduce anxiety and remove emotional toxicity.

If you’re well and truly ready to reset your mindset, rebalance your food relationships and reconnect with your inner energy, then let’s create this transformation together.



Your investment…

* Detox supplements will be posted out after the second instalment payment has been made. 

"In just 4 weeks, my confidence and mindset has totally transformed. I’ve gone from feeling sluggish, gross, lethargic and guilt-ridden to feeling so energetic, super healthy, and zeroguilt about enjoying the odd treat as I’m now so mindful of it (and know I’m nourishing my body in the right way now). Not only have I lost half a stone, almost 6 inches from my bust, waist and legs, but I’ve also gained so much of the confidence that I’d lost and a new passion for nourishing my body with the right foods and exercise. THANK YOU Frankie!!! This is just what I needed to kickstart healthy habits + treat my body with the respect it deserves again!"

Ayse- Surge Social 


Meet Frankie

This is for you if you're ready to

Create food freedom

Welcome abundant energy
Serve your clients to a higher level 
Create high vibe habits
Say 'Goodbye' to everyday niggly health symptoms
Improve symptoms of overwhelm, stress and anxiety
Feel more present and fulfilled in your work and personal life
Frankie jones

You're not ready to put yourself at the top of your priority listYou’re not willing to open your heart and mindYou’re not willing to commit to take better care of yourself

It's not for you if

“Frankie, where do I start?! I feel more empowered. I feel more in control of myself. I feel lighter, not bloated and I have also lost half a stone. I've changed my diet and the way I look at food. My portion sizes are much smaller and my snacks are healthy. I'm so much more mindful of what I am putting in my body. It's exactly what I wanted to achieve and I know it will be long term!”

Kim Jones

Frankie and laptop

I created the programme because...

I know I'm not alone in my own experience. I’ve seen my own clients go through this emotional exhaustion too. No amount of facials, colonics or juice diets could heal the internal imbalance of a mindbody disconnect - it was the deeper mindset and energy work that created lasting change for them.


And now I want to make it accessible to you too. 


This level of support shouldn’t be available to only the few, the 6-figure earner or the Harley Street huns - I want you to know that your next level up is on the other side of your Mindbody Reset.


“Frankie goes above and beyond. Her bubbly voice popped into my DM’s every now and again to check all was going well. You really feel like you’re cared about deeply which is so lovely. I feel amazing and have learned so much about myself during the Mindbody detox and I have fallen in love with the idea of taking better care of myself again”

Laura. M



Q. I have never done a detox before, will this suit me?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, if you have never done one before, then this is perfect because you will have my full support. 


Q. Is there anyone that this program doesn’t suit? 

This program can be amended if necessary and supplement products are low allergy. This program is not suitable for someone who is pregnant, breastfeeding. If you are currently under the doctor's care, please notify me before purchasing this program or consult with your doctor. 


Q If I choose the payment plan option will I receive full access to the course?

If you choose the payment plan, you will receive full access to the course content, however the support supplements required for the detox will be sent to you once the second payment has been made. 


Q. Will I still have your support even though this program is self paced?

YES!! Absolutely! I am here to support you all the way. You will have access to the facebook support group and you will be able to ask questions in there. 


Q. How do you know all this stuff?

Honestly, this has been my life! I geek out and absolutely adore learning about the mindbody and how to get the most out of it to live a fulfilled and enriched life! This program is a result of years of studying and my own personal experience. I have changed my life with everything that's in this course and the lives of my clients.

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