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Are you ready to create sustainable health and energy and access more joy, happiness and success in ALL areas of your life?

Hi, I'm Frankie Jones

A highly qualified colon hydrotherapist, vagus nerve and detox specialist and life coach with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.


I started my career with a passion for wellness, but since experiencing my own wellness and healing transformation, my passion and purpose has deepened. 

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"Frankie you’re the only person I would ever trust to do my treatment, after debating over a long time I decided to book in a colonic as scary as it sounds it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I felt at ease, relaxed and very comfortable, everything was so discreet and it was not rushed and everything was explained about the treatment and all my questions answered thoroughly. I LOVED my treatment so much.​ Thank you for being so amazing & lovely you really are one of a kind"

Meet Frankie


I trained as a colon hydrotherapist in 2009 with the renowned health expert Anne-Lise Miller and after a year of on-going studies, I qualified in 2010. Whilst this was a new direction in terms of career, it also was a new direction for my own health.  At birth, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition- Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. One part of that is having a compromised respiratory system and I have had many courses of antibiotics and operations in my younger years which lead to secondary issues such as food intolerances, regular water infections, bloating and sluggish energy. 

The more I learned about gut health and detoxing and being my own best case study, the more I began to experience incredible shifts and healing in my own health. Something that came to light more than anything is how stress played a huge role in exacerbating my symptoms which is why I feel incredibly passionate about stress management. Reducing mental and physical toxic load is the foundation of my wellness programmes and framework today. 

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